Q & A On The Authenticity Of Signs, Wonders And Miracles Today!

Many cessationists have assumed that Jesus healed and delivered and passed that ability on to the 12 apostles not because He loved the people, but because He was trying to attract them out of Judaism into the New Testament religion. So then, after they joined up and the church was established, He withdrew those gifts. (In retail sales, it’s called bait and switch. In the most basic sense, the strategy behind “bait and switch” is simple: throw alluring bait to the public, and when the public is successfully lured in, switch the bait to something more profitable for the producers.) That’s not at all descriptive of our God. What do you think? Is that how you view your relationship with Jesus or of the Father or of the Holy Spirit? Check out this brief overview of historical evidence of the Holy Spirit’s activity since Pentecost.