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The Body of Christ in the US is in dire need to restore obedience to follow all N. T. scripture. We live in a consumeristic society where nothing is sacred anymore, but rather something to be consumed and thrown out. Relativism has replaced absolute truth and obedience.

Pleasing people by leaders is too often honored more highly than fidelity to the truths of the N. T. Sadly, this mentality, common to natural people, has entered our churches, showing up in the practices of the Saints.

It is time for restoration – a Christian reformation! It is time to take a stand and prioritize Holy Spirit led daily living in our lives.

This is the present work the Spirit of Christ has initiated and is empowering. We are wanting to totally cooperate with Him.


Our site has accumulated much fresh information to facilitate His movements. You are encouraged to begin your journey with us by pursuing a few simple activities and prayers:


  • Cry out to Him daily (or more) for more awareness of His presence and voice. Ask Him for revelation of the scriptures concerning those activities Jesus practiced and taught His followers to practice.


  • Set your heart to follow in His footsteps and teachings, while relegating other “spiritual endeavors” to lesser value.


  • Open dialogs with other leaders who are ahead of you in the movement of our Lord as to His restoration activities.


  • Watch the videos on YouTube that allow you to see the miracles that ordinary people are doing as they simply pray short prayers for the sick and oppressed as though they were children who are convinced Jesus will honor their faith in His commands.


  • Ask Him to forgive your hardness of heart that may have been preventing you from quickly obeying his voice (leadings). Many of us start this way due to habits of relying on our own understanding


  • Study all the mentions of Holy Spirit in the N.T. and ask Him to give you greater grace to become conformed to His image and directions.


  • Assemble a small study and prayer group to discover how you can become more aware of His importance and activity in the believer’s life.




Dear Father, I know that Jesus said Your Spirit would be our help and source of power after He arose into Heaven. I desire to draw as close to you as possible. So, I ask you for your Spirit’s help for me to pursue you in the following ways. Please give me:

  • A deeper desire to cleave to dependence on you in all matters.
  • Revelation about how to make Your Spirit my leader in all things.
  • A deeper, burning hunger to become more aware of your constant presence and power.
  • Dissatisfaction with my lack of fire, power, & awareness of your presence in me
  • A deeper faith and confidence in my prayers.
  • Revelation of my hidden sins with the grace for true repentance.
  • A heart that cries out to you for restoration of your Kingdom message and culture
  • Enlightenment about any false teachings of men which ignore and nullify Scriptures
  • An overflowing filling with your dunamis—your miracle producing power
  • The ability to fully realize that forgiveness and rebirth is the doorway into many more of your benefits including deliverance from demonic oppressions and the blessings of many kinds of healings. All of these bless your family and bring glory to you. I deeply want the world to see your love and glory. So please teach me how to do more supernatural works that glorify your name.



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