Only from God, through His saints on earth, does true restoration come. Will you join this saving process with us? Here you will be exposed to the results of Holy Spirit Outpouring!!

We put the deepened relationship with our Father in Heaven way ahead of more religious activities, the good works of men’s ideas that often preempt the Spirit’s directions. Then, after an increased awareness of His presence is developed, we begin to see the works of the Spirit of God happening among us as in the manner of organic growth. We must learn to put His will way ahead of our wills.

We have scheduled the Brevard Breakthrough Gathering 2017 for May 11th. This will introduce the details of the world-wide movement of Holy Spirit to those who are not fully acquainted with the reformation that is preparing the Body of Christ on earth for the return of Jesus. No, we don’t claim to know when that will be, but we do know it will not be until all that His prophets have said must happen before He returns have been accomplished. The item that we know retains Him is described in the Bible. To read these click here. (add hyperlink)

Other events that will commonly follow are the coming together of small groups of Followers to seek revelation from scripture and to see answers to intercessory prayers.