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GOD IS RESTORING THE BODY OF CHRIST TO BECOME WHAT HE DESIGNED US TO BE. We call that RESTORATION NOW! This is a unique time in all of history! Jesus is about to appear as The Lion of Judah. His glory is increasing very rapidly and will culminate in His […]

The Day-star Is Rising!

Most folks have little to no personal experience with revival. From my decades of paying close attention to the church in America, it’s fair to say that those who have heard about revival have first become acquainted with the errors, excesses and abuses that attend a revival. Why? The church […]

Introduction To 21st Century Global Revival

Our work to create this ministry began in February 2015 when I (Tom) received a commission from Father to visit every pastor in my county. I began to put a plan together and write material I would need. Knowing that pastors have extremely busy schedules, I decide to write a […]

About Us

by Nina Snyder Unity in the Body In chapter 12 of his first letter to the Corinthian church, the apostle Paul writes that we are “the Body of Christ, and members individually” (vs. 27). He explains this concept in detail when he describes our differences of ministries and activities but […]

The Body of Christ

Prayer for All Pastors We Must Have More Awareness of the Presence and Power of Holy Spirit! Holy Father, fill us with more of what you know we need. We hold these values and attributes in high esteem, so I make these requests of you. Please give us: A deeper […]

Prayer for All Pastors

At this point I hope you’re sensing a hunger to learn how you can welcome and participate in this great revival. Here are ten actions you may take to begin. All you do will be between you and the Lord who loves you more than any of us understand. This […]

How to Participate in Father’s Restoration Work

I want to pass on some thoughts for you to ponder. I’ve found that a large number of pastors have no idea how tremendous it is to be in a church where Holy Spirit is able to do the extraordinary things He loves to do. . Few have personally experienced […]

How Will Your Church Benefit From Revival?

To print these pages THE HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE By Nina Snyder © 2015 Introduction 1. The Holy Spirit’s Function in our Commissioning 2. Welcoming Versus Blocking the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Activity 3. What does it mean to Quench and to Grieve the Holy Spirit & What is Blasphemy […]

The Holy Spirit of Promise

Preface to Q & A Many believe scripture declares that everything Holy Spirit has for us is received when we are born again. Therefore if this is true, they should also believe they have all the power (dunamis-miracle working power) we see active in the lives of the believers in […]

Q & A on the authenticity of signs, wonders, and ...

Restoration or revival is coupled to prayer and repentance. As you know one without the other is not sufficient. We’ve spoken about spending more private time alone with our Lord, communing with Him and becoming restful in His presence. When time is precious He knows your gift of time alone […]

Restoration Is God’s Solution to Church Weaknesses

MADE IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS by Nina Snyder Copyright 1996, 2014 by Nina Snyder All rights reserved ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A cup of the ocean is all ocean but not all of the ocean. Our Lord Jesus–all God–nothing but God— but not all of God! – Arthur Burt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction A […]

10 Most Frequent Questions about the Holy Trinity