GOD IS RESTORING THE BODY OF CHRIST TO BECOME WHAT HE DESIGNED US TO BE. We call that RESTORATION NOW! This is a unique time in all of history! Jesus is about to appear as The Lion of Judah. His glory is increasing very rapidly and will culminate in His […]

The Day-star Is Rising!

Most folks have little to no personal experience with revival. From my decades of paying close attention to the church in America, it’s fair to say that those who have heard about revival have first become acquainted with the errors, excesses and abuses that attend a revival. Why? The church […]

Introduction To 21st Century Global Revival

Our work to create this ministry began in February 2015 when I (Tom) received a commission from Father to visit every pastor in my county. I began to put a plan together and write material I would need. Knowing that pastors have extremely busy schedules, I decide to write a […]

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