Around the World in 80 Years: The Story of Arthur Burt

The Story of Arthur Burt. British-born Arthur Burt has proved many truths in over 60 years of ministry-sometimes by doing things right, but more often by doing things wrong. His story recounts his struggles with pride, carnality, rebellion, and fear, and how, through God’s dealings, he has learned wisdom.

A contemporary of Smith Wigglesworth, Arthur has survived two world wars and has raised a family of 9 children.

“Most of the people from my generation who I knew, loved, and esteemed are gone. I have never been important in the eyes of men never on the greats. If you ask me who I am, I will tell you. I am nobody, and the message I bring today is that every somebody will now have to become nobody. We must lose our identity in the body of Christ, Father will not give his glory to anybody but Christ.” -A.Burt