Complete Book List

Doug Bannister

The Word and Power Church, What Happens When a Church Seeks All God Has to Offer?

Like spiritual Hatfields and McCoys, evangelicals and charismatics have long been trading salvos over the doctrinal wall. One side has championed the Word; the other, the Holy Spirit. But are the Word and the Spirit really in conflict? Or has God’s ideal, all along, included. both? The Truth and the Spirit. Sound biblical teaching and God’s leading—the word and power. Today, more and more Christians are realizing that it’s time for us to lay down our weapons and embrace the strengths each side has to offer. Time to become what God has always intended us to be: the word and power church. Doug is the pastor of Fellowship Church, an Evangelical Free Church planted in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1987.

Reese Howells

Reese Howells, Intercessor

Reese Howells was a man peculiarly taught of God: one who learned the Bible as the Spirit made him live it. Every chapter of this biography is full of drama and light, showing how he faced the implications of total surrender, learned to love the unlovely, found the key to prevailing prayer, became the channel of a mighty revival in Africa, was taught the principles of divine healing, and progressed ever further in faith until world events were affected by his prayers. Here are rich truths of the Spirit for all the Church of Christ today, inherent in a story told with simplicity, humanity, and humor enough to captivate any reader.

Mary Geegh 

God Guides

Mary’s everyday experiences as a missionary to India. Spiritual truths are amazing when you first come to understand them. The first time you understand the total love of God for His creation, for example, expressed through the gift of His Son, is just such an experience. The revelation that God hears and will direct our day-to-day lives through prayer is another of these faith expanding realizations that can change every aspect of our Christian walk I know it has completely changed mine and this book is an integral part of my understanding.

Available from: Pray America, P. O. Box 14070, Lansing, MI 48901-4070   1-9 @ $4.00 each, 10-49 @ $3.50 each, 100+ for $2.50 each.

Peter Lord

Hearing God

Does the Bible teach that we can and should hear God speak to us today? How can we hear God’s voice? How can we know whether the thoughts are God’s, the flesh, or from the devil? How can we find God’s will for most things of life unless He tells us? Peter Lord answers these questions as he underscores the necessity of learning how to listen for the voice of God. He believes that for many Christians prayer life is so difficult because it is basically a one way conversation. This handbook is an easy to follow, step by step guide to two-way communication with God. Those who pursue such a relationship will be rewarded with a vigorous prayer life coupled with a dynamic and personal encounter with the God who reveals himself in his Word. Peter Lord, now retired, was for many years the senior pastor at Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida, and a popular conference speaker and prayer seminar leader.

Surprise Sithole

Rush Hour

Surprise “Supressa” Sithole was called by the Lord Jesus Christ at the young age of 15 when the Lord told him to leave everything behind, follow Jesus and preach the gospel wherever he went. Leaving his family and all possessions, he took up his cross to follow the Lamb wherever He goes and has never looked back since. In 1997, God sovereignly connected Surprise with Heidi and Rolland Baker of IRIS Ministries. Surprise now serves as the International Director of Pastors for IRIS Ministries where he helps oversee the rapidly spreading revival in southern Africa which has witnesses close to 7,000 new churches being birthed since 2000. Surprise loves Jesus more than life itself. This all consuming passion drives the darkest and most unreached areas of the world ,with one desire alone, to see the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14). With a special impartation to catalyze revival fire all over the world. Surprise is often sent by the Bakers to stir an unquenchable hunger for Him and the harvest. Surprise lives in South Africa with his precious wife Tryphina and their three sons.

Stormie Omartian

Lead Me, Holy Spirit

God’s Holy Spirit is as close as your next breath-what an amazing gift. How comforting to be able to walk in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in every area of your life. Beloved author Stormie Omartian has written books on prayer that have been read by millions. Now she focuses on the Holy Spirit and how He wants you to hear His ‘gentle leading when He speaks to your heart, soul, and spirit. How He wants to help you enter into the relationship with God you yearn for, the wholeness and freedom God has for you, and the fulfillment of God’s promises to you. How He wants to lead you to be transformed in your emotions and character, discern God’s guidance, blessings, and protection, receive the inheritance laid up for you as God’s child, live out God’s will for your life, and have a life that you cannot possibly live without Him As you trust in the Holy Spirit and His great love for you, you will be filled with His mind, knowledge, and wisdom. You will grasp a vision for the special calling on your life, and you will sense His guidance in the way you should go.

John White

When The Spirit Comes With Power

Uncontrollable shaking, sudden falls during prayer, unexpected weeping or laughter, dramatic healings, prophecy and visions, encounters with demons—what are these signs and wonders among God’s people? Has this ever happened before in the church? Is it mass hypnosis, demonic deception or genuine revival? John White has extensively interviewed many people, including those from John Wimber’s Vineyard Christian Fellowship. His years of work as a psychiatrist and as a missionary in the Third World qualify him in a special way to analyze the experiences described in this book. In addition he has thoroughly studied revivals of the past, highlighting the differences and the similarities to what is happening today. As always, John White remains thoroughly biblical as he handles many controversial topics. The result is a book full of practical wisdom and remarkable insight with conclusions that are fresh and surprising. John White lives in Vancouver, and is a writer and speaker with a worldwide ministry. He is best known as the author of Eros Defiled, Excellence in Leadership and The Fight.

James Rutz

Megashift, Igniting Spiritual Power

God is launching the final transformation of the Earth. You are about to see what’s really going on today: God has brought people back from the dead in 52 countries, mostly in the last ten years. All the following and more are documented: Scores of cities plagued with crime and poverty are being transformed. Millions of miracles are happening through ordinary people. Over half the people on the planet may be highly active Christians within two decades. A new form of Christianity promises to bring a far greater impact than the Protestant Reformation. And you can be a key part of it. A vast, cleansing storm is roaring toward us from abroad. Megashift is a startling introduction to that surge of grass roots power and love that will lay a whole new basis for civilization. Thousands of committed teams around the globe are producing a neo-culture of responsible freedom. This is the next step up from Protestantism, though the basic beliefs remain the same. It is a joyful megashift away from pastor-centered, spectator religion toward a more Biblical church where God works directly through you-and you are freed from your problems and empowered to do wonders. This book can turn you into a genuine priest with full authority to transform people and start your own network: small, sermon-free, life-changing circles of power where people are allowed to speak and interact and form the deepest friendships of their lives. Your adventure has begun. (Published 2005)

Bill Johnson

The Power That Changes the World: Creating Eternal Impact in the Here and Now

Two realities are evident in today’s broken world: Our culture is in desperate need, and our God is a miracle-working God. How do believers answer the world’s cries for help in a way that exhibits God’s heart of compassion?

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind – Expanded Edition: Access to a Life of Miracles

Many Christians believe in miracles, but they are not accessing the supernatural as a normal way of life. Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross? In Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers powerful and practical teaching, revealing how you were designed to bring heaven to Earth and how it all starts with your thought life.

The Essential Guide to Healing

Two premier renewal leaders help inspire and equip believers to receive and minister healing, stressing that God’s miraculous healing is part of the Good News.

Hosting the Presence: Unveiling Heaven’s Agenda

Let the Spirit live inside you!  Are you hungry for an encounter with Jesus? Do you want to make an impact on the world?—In this power-packed book, Bill Johnson discusses how you can be a person who hosts the Presence of God. Though all believers obviously have the Spirit of God within them, there is more that enables you to be so full that you overflow His Spirit into your world. Take a journey and meet many great prophets and kings from the Old Testament who were known as people of the Presence—people who, in Johnson’s words, “God wanted to be with.” In this succinct and powerful book, Johnson encourages you toward a pursuit of the Presence of God above all else.

Face to Face With God: The Ultimate Quest to Experience His Presence

The ultimate quest to experience his presence.  We all want to be a part of something that is greater than ourselves, to know that God loves us and has a plan for our lives. What better way to find out than to stand daily in His presence and ask?

Experience the Impossible: Simple Ways to Unleash Heaven’s Power on Earth

With insight and passion, Bill Johnson gives over 80 simple ways we can experience the impossible and unleash heaven’s power in our world.

Beni Johnson (Bill’s wife)

The Happy Intercessor

Intercession With Joy! Beni Johnson’s personal journey to becoming The Happy Intercessor takes you on an exciting adventure to capture the heartbeat of Heaven. From her violent shaking experience to the ‘thin place’ between Heaven and earth where supernatural spirituality is commonplace, you will be amazed and empowered with the joy she shares. Being addicted to God’s presence brings comfort and peace to all believers-becoming a happy intercessor is within your reach. You can make a difference in your family, workplace, community, nation, and world. Filled with modern-day experiences and relevant ancient truths, you will learn why: – Mystics and mystical experiences are important today.

Randy Clark

The Essential Guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit: God’s Miraculous Gifts at Work Today

Because of division over these controversial questions, many Christians have embraced a major deception about the Holy Spirit—that He is no longer powerfully at work in the world today. Randy Clark has been an eyewitness to the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit and a key participant in watching Him powerfully transform lives across the Earth. This easy-to-read guide equips everyday believers to understand and activate the Spirit’s power in their lives today.

There Is More!: The Secret to Experiencing God’s Power to Change Your Life

Randy Clark helps believers truly understand how God’s grace and presence empowers them to do more, change lives, and live in a supernatural way.

Ministry Team Training Manual

This training manual is used all over the world today by pastors, teachers, and lay workers who have a passion for power evangelism. It was specifically created for those who have a desire and a calling from God to reach the lost. Whether you are in a massive crusade setting, ministering through your local church, or involved in one-on-one ministry with your friend or co-worker, this ministry training manual will help prepare you to go into the highways and byways to minister the love and power of Jesus. It is Randy’s hope that God will use this ministry training manual as a springboard for you to launch out into a life of effective and powerful ministry.

Lighting Fires

This is the story of how God has used Randy Clark to spread the fire of renewal and revival in Toronto and now around the world. This book isn’t so much about Randy Clark.It’s about God’s process of preparation for ministry. It’s about how God uses the weak to confound the strong and wise. It’s about how God works through hardships to train us in faith and perseverance. It’s the story of how God first worked in Randy’s life, then through his life.