Revival Breaks Out In USA Public School


Reports are flooding in of a spiritual revival in West Virginia. It began in the schools, but for the last several nights, the large sports complex known as the Field House in Williamson, West Virginia, has been packed with people of all ages crying out for God, reports CBN.

At a recent gathering, one person prayed, “That  you would enter our hearts God, and touch every family associated with my school, Lord. You’re going to break the chains.” Another girl prayed “This will only spread and no matter where people go, we will share it with the world, God.” Hundreds of people are reportedly giving their lives to Jesus, and the majority of them are students. Pastor Mitch Bias of Church of God in Delbarton says that this is as a result of prayer and desperation.
“It’s a climatic time,” he said. “I think the many years of creating a spiritual vacuum inside of kids by not teaching them the true reality that there’s a destiny in God — time plus chance, plus matter has produced a vacuum on the inside,” he said. He continued “I think when they hear a message of hope it really speaks to them because they’re kind of hanging in a spiritual limbo. And they press into it quickly to take it ’cause they know that’s the truth.”

The revival meetings will continue in Mingo County next week and possibly longer if it continues to grow.

Sounds like Holy Spirit found a place in USA where He is really welcome. –Tom Snyder

thank You God for letting everyone see the true You that you are the only True God. And keep people spreading the good word.

Connie Endicott Shortridge ·

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Nell M. Berry ·

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Praise the Lord! Let’s pray it is the real thing and will continue to grow.

Crystal Creel Carte ·

It’s more real than what has been going on in our “lukewarm” churches for decades – that’s for sure. There are plenty of people who warm a pew every Sunday and their hearts are FAR from God. Is it any wonder our young people have avoided the average church service? Have you BEEN to one lately? They are about as exiting as watching grass grow. Where they Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM, and His people dance, shout, raise their hands and GIVE HIM PRAISE. They don’t sing the same three hymns every Sunday, hear a boring sermon, sing the same hymn “Just As I Am” and go home. NO ONE IS GETTING SAVED in those services anymore because they are as dead as the people performing them.
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Nell M. Berry ·

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Crystal Creel Carte Amen, Crystal. My church was just started here in WV and we have young people coming all the time. They have prayer service on Sat. and Bible study twice a week. It is wonderful to see young people praying and praising God.
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Debra Winfrey ·

God is great keep spreading the word, don’t ever give up, if the devil tries to stop you, rebuke him in the name of Jesus.

Alesia Cool

I remember when I went to school. A preacher came to school, saying we had to give our hearts to God. I am Catholic, so I figured something was wrong with me, not really. Be sure you confused none of the kids. Other wise a good thing.

Brian N Sandy Miller

If it’s caused by reading or preaching the word….Is it confusion or conviction?
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Shelia Bench

Brian N Sandy Miller there is no confusion in God ; the devil is the author of confusion .
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Karen L. Widener ·

Confusion and “every evil work” all comes from the same source – our lack of taking advantage of the grace we received through salvation to follow him in His turth way and life, by cleaning up anything that would allow the Satan to work with. Just clean it up – Jesus came and paid the price and made it easy…and yes Satan will use confusion to keep you from seeing or ding the simple task of confession and forgiveness as you go through life, and of filling those voids left with serving Him in whatever way is right there before you. Out of obedience he will ‘grow you up.’ Sadly we have so few eSee More
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Scarlet Denny Wood ·

Praise God ,you are comining soon

Antoinette Montgomery