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Our work to create this ministry began in February 2015 when I (Tom) received a commission from Father to visit every pastor in my county. I began to put a plan together and write material I would need. Knowing that pastors have extremely busy schedules, I decide to write a script to tell all I needed to say, but to keep it as short as possible. It turned out to be a 14 minute piece. Doing this keeps me from chasing rabbits and wasting the pastor’s valuable time. They appreciate that. See script.

Then I used Google to locate names and phone numbers for making appointments. That started to yield results in early April 2015. To date I have spent about 30 to 45 minutes with 97 pastors of every denomination in Brevard County, East Central Florida. How many churches there are in this area is not known, but at the beginning I guessed about 200. Now I think I’ve greatly underestimated, 550 is probably closer.

The reception I’ve had with my message has been wonderful. 86% have been interested and accepted my reading material. More than half have been very happy to learn of that restoration is spreading around the world, with signs, wonders, and miracles confirming that God is demonstrating His love. I urge you to obtain the material I have available for you. This is so exciting and encouraging.

Here is a brief bit about my background. It was 1967 when I got swept up in that great outpouring, called the Charismatic Renewal. Nina and I had a family of four young children who were seeing many answered prayers (even some miracles for us and for our friends in Christ). Although all of us were “born from above,” the experience of a great increase of the power of the Spirit of God led us to a greater reality of His presence and loving care for us.

Much inner healing came to us as we learned how to apply His promises to our lives. Being able to learn how to hear Him and trust His leadings was so marvelous. I can honestly say that for the six of us every aspect of our lives was transformed by what the outpouring produced in us. In my presentation with pastors I go into some detail with stories of signs, wonders and miraculous events we experienced.

Then I tell them that, though that outpouring was tremendous for us, this present outpouring goes way beyond in events where God’s glory is revealed. More miracles than we ever expected – and they seem to be increasing presently.

I ask the pastors if they have any personal knowledge or experience with either of these outpourings. If they say yes I ask them to tell me more. If they say no I offer the reading material I have and I ask if they have any questions I might be able to tackle. Usually they show interest and want to talk. As I’m leaving I ask for their business card so I have email addresses for later contacts. That to gives you the idea.

What is my goal? I rely on the Lord to draw people to Himself. But I also realize His prompting to “go and tell” means I’m in partnership with Him and this is my part. I can give some a heads up—”don’t miss out on this move of the Spirit.” Some I have encouraged when they were ready to quit the Kingdom building work due to negative thinking and the enemy’s lies. Others are overwhelmed by how big a workload they have taken on. They think they don’t have time. I’ve always believed I have enough time to do everything I have called my top priorities.

From my earliest memories I had a deep desire to know about God. Being from a family that didn’t know Him and being a student in Catholic schools, I had no acquaintance with His Book. I didn’t know He was drawing me into relationship, not just knowledge about Him. I tried hard to feel loved, especially after I was born again at nine years of age, and His Spirit began to correct my thinking and lead me. From that point on I was aware of His presence inside me, but no one taught me scripture until I was 31. When I was 17 I heard the Spirit say He was calling me to become a pastor. In my denomination, pastors didn’t marry. I never told anyone, thinking that would not happen because I knew I would marry and have a family, so I thought I must have been hearing my own thoughts.

Life really became exciting in 1967, I was 32 when I heard the wonderful news that Jesus was making it possible for people of all denominations to operate with the gifts (charisma) of Holy Spirit. My wife Nina and I found out after a few months that many other Catholics, those who were already born again, had believed and then received the power from Jesus to do the works that He did. All over the nation, Christians of all denominations became really excited to begin to see “full gospel” church begin to happen. After seeing Jesus do a miracle, as I prayed for a woman with a terribly debilitating back problem, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “See I did call you into ministry.” So then I began a life of intentional pastoral care and teaching.

We and our four young children saw many answered prayers, even some miracles, for us and for our friends in Christ. We were blessed with the great 1967 increase of the power of the Spirit of God which led us to an awareness of the reality of His presence and loving care for us. Much inner healing came to us as we learned how to apply His promises to our souls. Being able to learn how to hear Him and trust His leadings was so marvelously life changing! I can honestly say every aspect of our lives was transformed by what that outpouring produced in all six of us.

About  this ministry

I turned 80 in May 2015 and had a strange sense that there was something Father had destined for me to do but I had no idea what it was or even if that sense was from Him. Over past decades I had often thought that I had a job to do, but never had an idea of what it might be except maybe what I was doing at that time. I told Him about all this and “reminded” Him I was getting close to “graduation” time and didn’t want to leave earth if I had not done all He had for me to do. I asked Him to tell me if there was a task yet undone and if so then would He give me more years and energy to do it well for Him. Then I just left it with Him. About 5 days later a wonderful, exciting idea popped into my mind.

I’ll tell you how that turned out after some background. Nina and I began voting in 1957, and soon after in the early 1960’s we and many Americans feared a violent Communist takeover. During the same time, the hope of Christian revival in the late 60’s and 70’s was crushed by a tsunami of divorce, drugs, lusts of many kinds. Following that, it was Russia threatening nuclear obliteration and the long cold war, then several other undeclared and “not-won wars.” Socialism and large give away programs with attending large deficits began to gain speed even in the U.S. And today it is Islamist terrorism and major corruption in the Federal government. So, many people like us have taken to heart the biblical promise of “If my people, will humble themselves and pray…” (2 Chron 7:14), crying out to God for mercy and salvation for our beloved nation.

Going back to my “great idea”—it’s because I know enough about this present, greater outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit that I can see that it is His answer to our political, social, and economic predicament! So, I went back to Father and told Him that I would like to go out to every pastor in Brevard County to tell them God is answering our prayers with a great world-wide outpouring of His Spirit with signs and wonders.Much more strength, creativity, ability, finances, and supernatural power is being made available to all who will seek Him, but few know about this.

Father responded by asking me where I got that idea. I told Him, “I believe I received that from you.” He said yes you did. So, I asked Him if He would give me the time, anointing, and energy to do this. He said, “Yes.” Then, without thinking, I said, “Will you give me Brevard County?” and He said, “Yes! I was embarrassed for being so forward with Him, but very happy that He had confidence in me.

The way I present this to pastors, they are not asked to join an organization or invite experts to preach to their people because Father supplies all they will need. All that is required is for the pastors to just open up to ask and seek Him during times set aside to invite His Presence. Our loving Father has heard our cries and has sent the ONLY ONE who can equip us – His Holy Spirit.

Please note that this site is new and incomplete. It needs editing and any good ideas you may care to offer us. Use the contact sheet on this site or directly send to restoration.now@att.net. Thanks!