Tom’s pastor meeting script

Tom Snyder’s Good News
December 13, 2015

Thank you Pastor ________ for giving me a few minutes of your busy schedule.

I’m not here to ask you to buy a product or service—I’m totally non-commercial. 🙂

May I share about 14 minutes of my history with you in order to give you some context from which to understand why I came? I think you are likely a very busy man, so I’ll be brief. I wrote notes to help me to not ramble, so if you don’t mind too much, I’ll sort of read from these sheets of large type. I’ve boiled my story down to just the essentials.

But first, I realize what I discuss may be old news to you. I’m very fired up about something that I think will surely please you. I know very little about your denomination and even less about you and this church. Please don’t take anything I say as an indication that I have thoughts of any lack on your part. I honor you as a devoted pastor

My secondary reason for wanting to talk with you today is this. Nina, my wife of 59 yrs. this Dec, and I have carefully watched the slow degeneration of our nation’s morals, while we began to realize that the church of Jesus has not been responding well to this problem. We’re not on top of it as were leaders of past centuries. In fact many Christ followers have totally withdrawn from being the salt and light we are capable of being—a very small percentage even vote. Too many are waiting for their escape while they let the nation go rapidly to hell. I understand that this is just our opinion, but because we have this mindset, she and I cannot be laid back about it.

I’m the youngest of 4 children, two brothers and one sister. I was the spoiled brat of the family. My immediate family has lived in Central FL since 1959, first in Orlando, then Deland, and now Melbourne since 2003. As a child I was raised as a Roman Catholic, attending parish schools 7 of 12 years. I experienced confession of sins, repentance, receiving Jesus’ sacrifice for my sins, and the new birth when 9 years old. I didn’t grow much however, because I didn’t develop a biblically informed walk until I was 32.

Nina and I have 4 daughters, truly gifts from our loving Father, who deeply love and obey God. That I credit to the mercy, love and grace of God.

From the time Jesus entered my heart and soul I became very hungry to know Him at a deeper level. When I was 17, I heard the voice of our Lord tell me He was calling me to become a pastor. That vocation seemed impossible since I knew I would marry and have a family. I never told anyone about that call until much later. But though I forgot, Father didn’t. In the meantime, I tried many ways available to me as a Catholic to get to know the realities of God. I read the lives of the saints, devotional materials, went on annual spiritual retreats, did parish works of many kinds, lots of informal prayer, and finally a little Bible reading on my own, but without good teachers, I didn’t understand much of what I read.
I was self-trained from a young age through books and doing experiments with electronics in our cellar. Then I spent 4 years in the U. S. Navy, in several schools and aboard ship, followed by employment in the Martin Company’s research department in Orlando beginning in 1959. My group was tasked with studying the use of electro-optical devices for missile guidance. That work led us into the design and development of lasers. I assisted in the construction of the first laser target designator that was first used for smart bomb guidance, then later for missile guidance. Our work was immediately very successful. As a result I was promoted from an electronics tech to a Sr. Engineer in just 10 years, which was then very rare. That wonderful blessing I owe to the great teachers I worked for.

In 1969 I was one of 12 founders of an off-shoot from Martin so that we could continue our development of lasers for other military applications and to profit as owners instead of simply employees. I left that wonderful position as Program Manager in 1976. To get our kids out of the city, we had moved to Deland in 1972 where I started a Bible study in our home with college age folks. Without any intention on my part, it grew and morphed into a church fellowship that I pastored part-time for 3 years, then full-time for 3 more years.

In ’79 while serving that church, Father led me to turn that Body over to my # 2 man. I had 4 children in school, so I did that, but had no idea about my future. He had simply told me to “wait for directions.” After 3 months I was called by 2 engineers I knew well, who wanted to start a new laser company and asked if I would join them. I asked Father and He said “Yes, that’s my provision for you.” Within 2 years we found a niche using lasers for secondary cataract surgery. It was the same device we had designed for use as a rangefinder mounted in the turret of a tank. We built and delivered a few prototypes that resulted in large contracts with American Hospital Supply, which stimulated very fast growth for our company. So, our family moved back to the Orlando area in 1985 to be closer to work.

Our success brought us a request to take our company public in 1983. That was a great, impossible ride—beyond anything I ever dreamed of doing! But after 3 years I experienced an unfriendly takeover, so in 1986 I was fired as Chairman and CEO of Laser Photonics, a very painful surprise. But happily, I was generously retired when only 51 years old! I know that these blessings where totally due to Father’s unconditional love and grace, not because I’m a good person. During my early years I was not very committed to be totally led by Him. Life was much about me and little about Him.

In ‘66 Nina and I received a call from my sister. Helen was a very emotionally troubled person, close to suicide at times. She struggled with an irresponsible husband and 8 children, while living in near poverty. She called me to share with me her great joy about her recent spiritual rebirth and her baptism in the Holy Spirit. I really didn’t understand her Biblical talk at all. At that time, I believed the Catholic Church had it all. I had become narrow minded. I had lots of church teachings, distortions of scriptures, and strong biases, while she had a marvelous experience of the love and presence of Jesus. I tried to talk her out of leaving what I thought was the “the one true church,” wanting to bring her back. I didn’t understand her new joy. So, I had arguments, but she had God’s love and joy and Nina and I became very interested.

Helen sent us letters with Scriptures about the Holy Spirit that fired up our desire for a deeper relationship with Jesus. At this time in church history millions of Church members of various old and new denominations began to ask God for more awareness of the Holy Spirit which led to a deeper holiness, and into the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit—for so many that time was like a recapture of time of the book of the Acts.

Receiving a much deeper commitment, an increased awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit, and a sense of having more power to live the life I hungered for, revolutionized my personal life, my wife’s life, and profoundly affected our four daughters. We were seeing many supernatural answers to prayers and more importantly, the sense inside of us of the constant presence of Jesus.

As a child and a young man, I had little to no relationship with my dad, who was a good material provider, but his love and fatherhood for me was close to zero—as it had been for him and his relationship with his dad. My mom and dad argued all the time. I was glad when dad told mom he was divorcing her, so I didn’t have to put up with them being together anymore.

My relationship with my mom was awful. She was constantly negative, yet I believe she tried with all her heart to love me. Her life was terribly conflicted by rejection from birth. As a result, I needed a lot of emotional and spiritual healing that Father provided in His own wonderful way by enabling me to hear His proceeding words (Matt 4:4) when I read the Scriptures and prayed about problems. He would tell me how to apply truth to my mental conflicts. And later, learning about, and more importantly, receiving awareness of the feelings of Father’s unconditional love for me brought much deeper healing and transformation. That was very big for me. I believe that saved my marriage and family life by straightening out many crooked places in my soul.

So, the big spiritual changes in my life began in 1967. Both branches of Nina’s and my families were nearly all born again and radically brought into joy and love. We often thank God for so many who have become deeply committed followers of Jesus. The effect of that outpouring has changed so many lives we literally can’t count all of them. I believe it is because we actively sought after and received the power and fire of the indwelling Spirit (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8). We didn’t and still don’t take Him for granted.

As a direct result of our seeking more of what God’s Spirit had for us, Nina’s dad, a very talented pastry chef, and her mom were reborn when we took them to a week-long Bible teaching camp in Minnesota. He was then 51. When he returned home to Miami, he immediately started a healing and deliverance ministry by going to the hospital and offering healing to the people from his parish. In a few years, that work grew large, bringing much healing and freedom to thousands as he traveled to several continents doing personal ministry and publishing several books. For over 3 decades people from all over the world called him day and night for his prayers and saw usually immediate results. He had begun operating in many wonderful Holy Spirit gifts. Frank was a humble, simple, child-like seeker of God. I believe that his lack of knowledge of traditional church doctrines made it easy for him to just go ahead do what he read about in the N. T!

As I said, this new and wonderful dimension of our lives began back then through personally receiving the power of the Spirit. We began meetings in our home with many believers from various backgrounds to sing praises, heal the sick, and spend lots of time in fellowship. During one of these meetings my co-worker brought his wife who could not get healing for a disabling back problem. She was mom to 5 young children but bedridden often. As she sat in the “prayer chair” I heard Jesus say, “You go and pray for her.” I was scared. It was my first encounter like that with someone outside of my own family. I touched her shoulder, started to pray, and she jumped up and shouted, “I can feel it, I’m healed!” She began to move in ways she had not been able to move for many years.

As I went back to my seat I heard Father say, “See, I did call you to be one of my shepherds.” From that day on I began preparing myself for the work He would call me to do. The gifts of the Spirit began to operate as I learned about them and started to anticipate seeing them come forth. Our families have seen many miracles over the years drawing them to love and trust Him more. That was in ‘67. Because Spirit-led house meetings had such a profound impact on our family, we’ve started and shepherded many small groups for most of the years since then.

In 1989, then being retired for 3 years and while attending Northland Community Church in Longwood, I shared a vision I had many years before with Pastor Joel Hunter that resulted in me being asked to train small group leaders. Nina and I wrote a training syllabus to teach and equip potential leaders. After 2 years as the Director of that ministry and much hard work, we had boosted the number of groups from 25 to 260. Back then the church had over 8,000 attending the weekend services who desperately needed the discipleship program we were developing. But when Joel reorganized the church staff by replacing many older leaders with younger ones I was left out. I asked God what’s next and He told me I was done there and He had new plans for me.

In 2003 we were led to move to Melbourne where we would be close to 2 of our 4 daughters and their families. We’ve had several small groups in our home since then. Over the earlier years as we’ve been here I partnered with a man, who has a long history with Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ, to create a ministry to help pastors plant small groups in their churches. This effort was not successful—I think because that idea was birthed by the religious zeal of 2 men, but not initiated by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In summary, I turned 80 this past May. And so, all things considered, although I have lost all the retirement money, $980,000 I had, due to my mismanagement assisted by several stock market corrections, I’ve had a remarkably wonderful life, all due to the love and mercy of God!

We realize that what we and so many others have seen coming out of that great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the late 1960’s, was quite small compared to what Holy Spirit has been doing since the mid 1990’s. This much greater outpouring has been spreading all over the earth since then. I like to call it a Restoration or the 3rd Great Awakening.

Though not well publicized, I believe this current outpouring of the Spirit is the greatest ever deluge of the Spirit since the church’s earliest days. I say that, considering all the many smaller outpourings of God, including the first and second Great Awakenings of the 17th and 18th centuries, and the very great restoration work God has done during the 20th century. This outpouring is world-wide and seems to be growing in the many miracles and wonders done by ordinary “nobodys”. It seems Father is preparing the Bride of Christ for significant events that will soon occur.

So, the main reason I’m here is because a large number of Brevard’s pastors are not even aware of these wonderful happenings of the recent 20years. Father is giving more of His presence and great power to so many people, who are hungry for more of all that He has to give us. I am concerned that only a move of God can save our nation from moral corruption. The best leaders we could elect next year cannot overcome the corruption that has grown wider and deeper. Only the nation’s spiritual shepherds can and must do this—and Father is giving the ability! He is giving tremendous faith and power to all those who will accept it. I believe personal repentance and seeking more awareness of His presence is the doorway to increased anointing and power. And thankfully He has made so much more available!

I’m just a messenger. I have come to open a door that you may not have as yet heard about. I can see how this move of God can restore the entire Body of Christ in a day when evil seems to be growing exponentially. The Bible tells us both righteousness and evil will grow at the end time. I trust you will agree that today we need more power from the Holy Spirit to meet the great challenges we are facing now?

In 20 minutes I can’t possibly tell you the details. So I have with me some brief and up to date personal stories of church leaders who have recently responded to our Lord’s positive answer to give us mercy. For several decades multitudes have been praying according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 for His intervention and this outpouring is I believe His response. I think, these testimonies will astound and encourage you. As the pastor of a church, through your personal participation, this can greatly bless you, your family, and your flock.

Do you find it easy or difficult to believe that our Lord has begun to revive His church as I have described? (Tom: Also see questions on next page)

My wife Nina and I often pray for needs and we often see remarkable, wonderful results. Is there something you would like us to pray about for you? If you take my materials, I would like to hear of your reaction to them. Would you like to pray with me and others for a mighty outpouring in Brevard County? And by the way, I am not creating an organization for members. I was only sent to make leaders aware.

Tom Snyder, 2760 Lakemont Rd., Melbourne, FL 32934, Phone 321-751-5356, Email: or , I’d like to hear from you!

End of meeting script. Info that follows is not normally used in my presentation. I leave

I want to clarify two important points of semantics:
When I refer to “receiving more of the Presence of God” I do not mean that I think He is not always and fully present in the reborn follower of Christ. I know He is totally there.
I mean that we are asking Him to make Himself more present in us by helping us to overcome the tendency we have to become more aware of ourselves than of Him. We are asking His special grace to be able to walk daily not forgetting about Him at all, but focused upon His priorities, characteristics, and the way He loves every person well. If we stay “in His presence” then we will see more of the works of Jesus come forth to bless those He and we love.
When I refer to receiving more of his power I refer to the difference between what Jesus meant when he said to his twelve, “He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22) at which time I believe they were born again. Then consider His later command to them, “that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but should wait for the promise of the Father, which you have heard me say, for John indeed baptized with water: but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost, not many days hence.” (Acts1:4-5).
This command was for a different purpose. It is true that one can be born again yet decide not to be endued with power from on High. We decide our future. And that decision will result in a greatly reduced version of the Good News. He is telling us that receiving the dunamis of the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary to represent the Good News properly. So wait for that—I’m going to send it. I place so much importance on this step in our growth as Christ-followers because Jesus’ ministry if our model for living. He delivered the Good News of the arrival of the Kingdom of God and then demonstrated it. He intends that all of His disciples follow His pattern.
What Kind of Benefits May Be Expected?
I want to pass on some thoughts for you to ponder. I’m sure a majority of pastors have no idea how tremendous it is to be in a church where Holy Spirit is able to do the extraordinary things He loves to show off. Few have actually experienced revival.
Many pastors are not aware that there are vitally important benefits to be gained by the saints in a typical evangelical church. But they see many potential problems. Yet after the elders and/or pastors begin to lead their disciples into becoming fully functional practitioners of the gifts of Holy Spirit—and who also often bring about signs, wonders and miracles—they will see the following changes (if they upgrade their teaching):
1. Most people will spend more time in prayer and the meditation of the Word
2. Increased effectiveness with loving and converting those not-yet-saved
3. More member testimonies of healings, greater freedom from their fears, plus increased joy becomes effective reinforcements for pastor’s teachings
4. Young children see how close and powerful Father is in their lives—faith works
5. Teens and young adults have concrete evidences of the truth of the Scriptures
6. Love and appreciation for the Scriptures deepens
7. Evangelism efforts grow and produce much more results
8. People’s daily walk becomes more focused on love and less on doctrine
9. Times of group praise and worship become more alive and animated
10. Fleshly living is replaced with walking and serving by Holy Spirit
11. Increasing Body ministry lightens pastor’s load and develops teams of valuable dedicated disciples
12. Attention of people upon natural solutions shifts to reliance upon God
13. Natural tendencies we all have to rely on self for solutions decreases
14. People’s faith grows, becomes stronger and more willing to risk bold prayers
15. Member’s personal identity becomes more aligned with Scripture
16. Percentage of the young choosing a vocation of ministry increases
17. Families pray together much more.
18. Divorce percentages decrease
19. Interest in missionary works increase
20. Finances become biblically aligned and grow
Personal prayer to receive more awareness of the presence and power of Holy Spirit

Holy Father, fill me with more of what you know I need. I hold these values and attributes in high esteem, so I make these requests of you. Please give me:
• A deeper desire to cleave to dependence on you in all matters.
• Revelation about how to make Holy Spirit my leader in all things.
• A deeper, burning hunger to become more aware of your constant presence and power.
• A dissatisfaction with my lack of fire, power, awareness of your presence in me and in my church members
• A deeper faith and confidence in my prayers.
• Revelation of my hidden sins with the grace for true repentance.
• A heart that cries out to you for restoration of your Kingdom message and culture
• Enlightenment about false teachings which ignore and nullify Scriptures
• An overflowing immersion into and filling with your dunamis—your miracle producing power
• The ability to fully realize that forgiveness and rebirth is the doorway into many more of your benefits, including deliverance from demonic oppressions and the blessings of many kinds of healings. All of these bless Your family and bring glory to you. I want the world to see your love and glory. So please teach me how to do more supernatural works that show Your love and glorify your name.
Thank you for granting these requests! (1 John 5:14-15)

Thought provoking questions I might ask:

1. Do you hunger for a deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit? Do your members?

2. Would more “not-yet-believers” come to salvation through our witness if they saw us doing the works of Jesus (meaning how the Spirit manifests His dunamis as in 1 Cor 12:6-10?)

3. Would we hold on to more teens and college age people if they could experience more of the reality of the N. T. scriptures, i.e., evidences that heaven’s kingdom has come to earth?

4. Would teaching folks how to pursue more awareness of the holy presence of God through carefully listening to Him produce more of the fruit of the Spirit in their daily lives?

5. Do you believe everyone who is a disciple of Jesus can receive the power to do the 1 Cor 12:8-10 supernatural gifts (i. e., words of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healings, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, and speaking and interpretation of languages they have not learned)?

6. Have you wished you had more power to do the works Jesus commissioned us to do?

7. Would you feel fulfilled, very pleased, if you began to see Holy Spirit power, signs, wonders, and miracles resulting from the prayers of all/many of your church members? Such things bring glory to God; they are not a sign of weak faith, but of correct faith.