How to Participate in Father’s Restoration Work

At this point I hope you’re sensing a hunger to learn how you can welcome and participate in this great revival. Here are ten actions you may take to begin. All you do will be between you and the Lord who loves you more than any of us understand. This is not about a movement or a ministry. It’s about being willing to give Him our all to receive more awareness of what His presence and what He has prepared for you.

Occasionally I hear someone say, “I don’t think I should pursue receiving more from Our Lord. I know God is the One who starts and finishes all things.” As one disciple said–and deeply regretted later– “Father knows where I live. I’m not one to follow after other people. I only want what God wants for me and I am depending on Him to give all of that to me in His time and manner.”

The question describes a harmful misunderstanding of who we are and of God’s desire for each of us. The question shows the one who is asking has a faulty understanding of scripture on the issue of God’s sovereignty. We are created with the ability to decide our destiny and God tells us we will be held responsible for our choices, not only concerning receiving the gift of forgiveness of our sins, but for all the decisions we make in life. We are not programmed robots. Therefore we are urged to ask and keep on asking Him for the good things Father makes available for us.

But first, what is revival? It is something that God does for us because of the depth of His perfect love. We don’t do it for God; you can’t create revival; you cannot organize revival: but you can agonize for revival in prayer. We define revival as a community saturated with a very deep relationship with Jesus. Revival is nothing more or less than a greater surrender of our all to Him resulting in a consistent obedience to be led by Holy Spirit – it is to get back into the original position where God wants us. Revival is when God accomplishes what we can’t. It makes you bored with regular church life.

Suggestions to receive more:

1. Talk to Jesus telling Him you want Him to lead and guide you into full participation in this present outpouring of Holy Spirit

2. Spend time alone in worship, praise, and listening to any input He would like to give. Make notes.

3. Allow yourself to be completely open to anything new that He may want to put into your life, such as new songs, kneeling down or prostrating your body before His Majesty

4. Try to forget your denomination, education, culture, and if you can, approach time alone with Father as if you were only just newly acquainted with Him and you desire that He would reveal much more of Himself to you. Such humility opens doors.

5. Read all the verses you can locate that will focus you on how Holy Spirit is described and what all of His activities are in the believer’s life. Here is a list.

6. Do a study of the outpourings/revivals that have occurred in the life of the Church and learn how totally unpredictable is the One who lives in more dimensions than the human mind can understand. He seems to enjoy asserting His majestic creativity and power when anyone gives Him his complete attention.

7. Spend some time on YouTube to hear about what is happening with those who are participating in this move of God. List is here.

8. Ask questions that you may have about the unusual activities of the Spirit from people who have experience. Be careful not to allow uninformed or negative folks to fill your head with their fear, doubt and unbelief. Luke 11:11-13

9. Many websites are focused on this great move of God that will be faith building. A list of a few of them is also on this website. There are also many who bash this move. Having been involved since 1967, it is clear to me that many of those who are negative have limited knowledge of history and scriptures.

10. Remember, those who have sought after Him are so grateful for what He has added to their ministry and for the wonderful fruits that have resulted, if the enemy tries to dissuade you from seeking more from our Lord.